Gentle Manual Harvesting And Processing

Gentle Manual Harvesting And Processing

Welcome to Centenario Gardens, your ultimate destination for discovering the exquisite world of olives. In this article, we will delve into the art of gentle manual harvesting and processing of olives, uncovering the secrets behind the exceptional quality of our olive products. With a focus on meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to preserving the natural flavors, we take pride in offering you the finest olives the world has to offer. Join us on this journey as we explore the beauty and intricacies of olive cultivation.

The Elegance of Gentle Manual Harvesting

Understanding the Importance of Hand-Picking

At Centenario Gardens, we believe in preserving the integrity of each olive by employing traditional and labor-intensive techniques. Gentle manual harvesting, also known as hand-picking, is a process that involves skilled laborers meticulously collecting olives from the trees. This method ensures that only the ripest and healthiest olives are chosen, resulting in a superior flavor profile.

The Advantages of Hand-Picked Olives

By opting for hand-picked olives, we eliminate the risk of damage that can occur during mechanical harvesting. This delicate process safeguards the olives, preventing bruising or crushing, which can negatively impact their taste and quality. Hand-picking allows us to maintain the olives’ natural appearance, ensuring they reach your table in pristine condition.

The Art of Processing Olives

Sorting and Cleaning

Once the olives are harvested, they undergo a meticulous sorting and cleaning process. Our skilled workers carefully examine each olive, removing any leaves, twigs, or damaged fruit. This attention to detail guarantees that only the finest olives make it to the next stage of processing.

Washing and Soaking

To further cleanse the olives, they are washed thoroughly, removing any residual dirt or debris. After washing, the olives are soaked in fresh water, a vital step in reducing their natural bitterness. This process softens the fruit, enhancing the overall taste and texture.

The Traditional Brine Method

At Centenario Gardens, we proudly follow the traditional brine method for processing olives. The brining process involves immersing the olives in a carefully crafted brine solution, which enhances their flavor and prolongs their shelf life. The olives are left to ferment in the brine for a specific duration, allowing them to develop their distinct taste and texture.

The Final Touch: Packing and Storage

Once the brining process is complete, our olives are ready to be packed and stored. We use premium packaging materials to ensure the olives remain fresh and retain their exceptional quality. Whether you prefer the tanginess of green olives or the richness of black olives, our diverse range of packaging options caters to all tastes and preferences.


At Centenario Gardens, we pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering olives of unparalleled quality. Through gentle manual harvesting and meticulous processing techniques, we strive to offer you an exceptional olive experience that surpasses all expectations. By preserving the natural flavors and taking care of every detail, our olives represent the pinnacle of taste and craftsmanship. Discover the art of gentle manual harvesting and processing of olives with Centenario Gardens, and elevate your culinary journey to new heights.

Remember, the secret to extraordinary olives lies in the meticulous care we take from the tree to your table.